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Artist Statement



The way I see our world when I draw or paint is as an abstract format; I'm seeking visual clues that let me see how things are related and/or connected. Through color and design I aim to merge conscious & unconscious ideas and harmonize them. Northern California is an unconscious contributor to my work, with its fresh ocean air and natural beauty. My drawing and painting have this influence of nature as well as looking at the universe and beyond.


Great core influences of the genetic variety were my parents.

My mother was a Painter & Art Teacher.

My father was a Landscape Architect.

Growing up in this artistic environment has had lifelong benefits and influence.


Many years of classes in Mechanical Drawing/Drafting began my artistic evolution.

It led me to what you see here.


On this site I have photographs of selected work covering forty years. Many are Mixed Media, Prints, and Drawings. All are on paper and relatively small.


The Video section here shows my recent work of paper Alien Pets inspired by Alexander Calder's

Le Grande Cirque Calder 1927.


The Paper Prototypes are titled: ALIEN PETS (pets of aliens)...with a few aliens to go with it.


The paper is cardstock from Colormates, monochromatic, 65lb., acid-free, fade resistant.


Unsurprisingly, I have Prints of everything.

For Sale shortly; check back soon.


Thanks for visiting.

Onward into the endless unknown...


January 2021



Born 1947

Oakland, California


Ceramic classes, Adobe Art Center, Castro Valley 1964. Chabot College: Mechanical Drawing and Biology, 1965-66. Hudson Guild, New York, New York, 1966. San Francisco Art Institute 1968 to 1970: Printmaking, Life Drawing, Sculpture and Painting. Solo exhibitions: 1988, Cafe Soma. Fairfax Library, 1985. Point Reyes Library, 1984. Academy Frame Shop and Gallery  (Tim Rose), Sausalito, 1983. New Geology Rock Shop, San Francisco, 1970. Pacific Basin Graphics, San Francisco, 1986. Bay View Boat Club, San Francisco, 2015. Timezone Gallery, San Francisco, 2008. Gallery 1044, San Francisco, 2010. Selected group exhibitions: Somar, San Francisco. Gallery Route 1, Point Reyes. Four 3 person shows. California Invitational Exhibition, University of Notre Dame, 1985. Ritz Gallery, Point Reyes, 1982. Black Mountain Festival, Point Reyes, 1975-76. Portrait Artists Workshop & Gallery, Grant Avenue, San Francisco 1969. Kaiser Hospital S. San Francisco, Four Mixed Media pieces, 1985. Pacific Basin Graphics, San Francisco, 1984. Scanlan Collection ( 2015


Grande Hotel, Point Reyes, 1981

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